5 Things to Look For from an Aircraft Cleaning Company

Hiring a third party to do aircraft cleaning or any sort of airport related service is a very advantageous solution because it will always have someone working whenever the administration of the airport wants. The fact is that outsourcing of cleaning services is growing across the country, even when it comes to aircraft cleaning since cutting costs can be achieved quite effectively.

Having a aircraft on ground service is also a good advantage because the airport can hire a single company to do the whole job. Of course they may hire two or more companies, however having a single contract with the right company is better. With this demand comes a question: what criteria should be adopted to choose a responsible provider for cleaning and sanitizing of a particular environment? Check out the tips we have for you today:

Here are the main 5 things you need to look when hiring any sort o cleaning company to the airport:

  1. The company must have the proper registration to work.
  2. The workers should have all the right trainings, since they will be working in a possibly dangerous zone: near aircraft.
  3. It needs to have enough workers for what you need. Make sure you know how many people you will have available and when they will be able to work for you.
  4. Always look for current or previous clients and ask their opinions on the services
  5. The lowest price does not mean the best deal when hiring aircraft on ground service

Extra tips for you to get the best cleaning company!

Information about the cleaning company

Check if the cleaning company to be hired have competence in the market. You can also request proof of enrollment in the National Register Legal Entities; the clearance certificates of debts to municipal, state and federal departments; performing verification of compatible services with the request; and the certificate of union regularly. check out this link for more information: http://www.universalweather.com/blog/2013/04/5-easy-spring-cleaning-tipsfor-your-aircraft/

Compliance with labor and tax liabilities

The Ministry of Labor and Employment requires the contractor to oversee the outsourced, and check if the cleaning service contract is being fulfilled.

Training employees

Find out whether the officials responsible for cleaning undergo regular training. Many companies conduct these trainings internally.

Check the technology used by the cleaning company

Stay tuned to machinery, the proper chemicals to be used as well as aircraft cleaning products, accessories used by the workers, how they make the most efficient cleaning service in terms of quality of service, time spent to accomplish it and economy (water, chemicals, etc.).

Get a detailed offer

Ask a cleaning project professional to do a list with what, when and how the aircraft cleaning needs to be done.

What to know before closing contracts with cleaning companies?

You cannot demand so much without having the least idea about what you need. Before putting on the agenda the requirements that cleaning companies should offer you, the airport administrators need to be sure of what the environment requires.

From this, you have traced your goals and you can hire the services. Make you your budget with the right company and discover how simple it is to have the best provider of aircraft cleaning at your disposal!

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