Seven Things You Should Never Do In an Airplane Bathroom

Aircraft cleaning is a hard process because there are lots of cramped and confined spaces within an airplane.  One of the smallest spaces has to be the bathroom.  Most airplanes have bathrooms but the bathrooms are very small and to be honest, they are supposed to be because no one’s supposed to spend the entire flight in there.  However, many people don’t treat an airplane bathroom well, here are the seven things you should never do in an airplane bathroom.

Don’t Be a Messy User

When someone goes to the bathroom, they should try to leave it how they found it or possibly even better.  Having a messy bathroom user is a nightmare for those using the bathroom after them and for those doing the aircraft cleaning too. It’s bad manners to leave a mess; and to be honest, no one will be cross that you have actually taken the time to clean up if you really want to.  Even if the bathroom was already dirty or a bit grimy, you shouldn’t leave the bathroom in a worse state.

Don’t Let Little Children Run Amuck

A child may be potty trained but can you actually trust them to go to the bathroom by themselves without doing some damage?  For safety sake, accompany the child to the bathroom but wait outside until they have availed themselves and ensure they wash their hands.  Also, take the time to make sure they haven’t made a mess.  Sometimes, children don’t make the best bathroom users so it’s important to take a moment to check and if there is a mess, use some aircraft cleaning products to clean up!

Never Forget To Wash Hands

Airplane bathrooms are really small and often disgusting to be in for long periods of time especially when other users haven’t been very considerate in the bathroom.  However, it is bad if you forget to wash your hands!  Now, there is water and soap there, use it because you will end up spreading germs all over.  Its nasty and really everybody should be scrubbing their hands before they leave the bathroom.  You could even use antistatic wipes on the taps to avoid any germs!

Watch Your Timings

Taking forever in an airplane bathroom can be very bad.  A bathroom should only be used to avail yourself and nothing much more; however, you may be tempted to spend extra time there fixing your makeup or even brushing your hair.  That isn’t the place to do this and hundreds of people each year spend hours in the bathroom on a plane because they text and do all sorts when they can do it elsewhere.  Remember people need to use the bathroom too and to be honest, aircraft cleaning is less careful in bathrooms.

Don’t Break the Toilet

It has happened to many people before; they go into the bathroom and end up clogging the toilet.  Now, you probably don’t think it’s possible to break an airplane toilet not when the suction power within it is powerful but it can happen.  Don’t stuff thousands of pieces of toilet paper in the toilet before flushing.  If you have to flush a few times so that you avoid the embarrassment of having to admit you broke the toilet.  Try to avoid this as it will reduce aircraft on the ground service time.

Don’t Be Impatient

There is nothing worse than standing in line for the bathroom only for someone behind to complain about the length of time its taking to get a cubicle.  There may be long waiting times but instead of being impatient enjoy the freedom of being able to stand and stretch out.  Remember, the seats aren’t very big and there are also going to be times when aircraft cleaning products are used by staff to keep the bathrooms clean.  There will be waiting times so be patient.

Never Leave the Door Unlocked

It’s not nice to be inside the bathroom when the door suddenly flies open by a passenger believing its unoccupied!  This isn’t just embarrassing but horrible for everyone involved.  However, this can all be avoided when the door is locked.  It would be wise to think about locking the door before you do whatever you need to within an airplane bathroom.  An air steward may think they need to do some aircraft cleaning and get a nasty surprise so avoid the embarrassment.

Think Smart and Avoid the Errors

There are hundreds of things you should never do within a bathroom that are easily forgotten about.  However, in today’s world, there are many who can get offended and many who need to have a little reminder how to use a bathroom.  Sometimes, you do forget that you aren’t in home and that you aren’t the only one using the bathroom.  That is why you should know the seven things never to do in an airplane toilet and hopefully that will avoid aircraft on the ground service time.

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