The extreme tests planes go through before taking off  

 In the past airliners never used to go through a series of tests before taking off but today they have to go through that. This is very important for airlines as this ensures that they are safe and no accidents occur.  Aircraft on ground service is very important as it enables an aeroplane to take off easily and without any problem.  Nowadays an aircraft has to go through a rigorous and elaborative test before being allowed to take off and this is very important as it has helped to prevent chances of accidents and careless taking off.  Some of these extreme tests are:

Bending wings

Bending wings is one of the main tests that aircrafts are subjected to. Most of the modern airplanes today have the ability to flex their wings up to 90 degrees and this mainly happens during a test rig.  Even the manufacturers have to do static tests to know how the wings behave when exceptional and normal loads. Getting the aircraft wings to snap is another test that they go through and it enables them to predict the best load level.

Lightning tests

In most cases commercial planes are subjected to lighting once or twice a year and do you know why this happens? Most of the aircrafts that are made of aluminium rarely experience lightning strikes as compared to those that are not made of metal.  Some of the airplanes today are not made of metal as a way of saving fuel consumption and reducing weight.  Such aircrafts are the ones that experience lightning strikes because of lower electrical conductivity.  Some of the materials that are used to make aeroplanes need to be protected from lightning strikes because lightning strikes are very dangerous and can even cause death. Click here !

Hot and cold tests

Hot and cold tests are also very important tests that planes have to undergo through because they ensure that an aircraft engine is in good condition and is functioning properly. Manufacturers should ensure that they test engines in both freezing conditions and hot conditions. This is important because it makes it easy for aircrafts to pass through harsh weather conditions without having any mechanical problem that can cause engine breakdown. Good aircraft cleaning products should also be used to clean the aircraft and the engine so that it remains in good working condition.  Planes are also tested at high altitude airfields to see how their engines are able to cope with such altitudes and whether they are likely to experience mechanical problems.

Virtual plane: Iron Bird

A digital way is used to test the modern aircrafts and this is through building of guts on the ground. This ground testing facility is very important as it stimulates an aircraft even before it take off. Iron birds are high tech aircraft system layouts that are put on the ground to stimulate the aircraft.

To conclude, these extreme tests are very important as they make it easy to know if there is any problem with the aircraft before it takes off and in this way accidents are avoided or reduced. Aircraft cleaning is also very important and it should be done in a professional way.

Life Insurance For Young Pilots

What is the worst scenario you can think of us the main provider for your family? I don’t know about you, but for me it is dying unexpectedly and my family facing massive debt and little to no income coming in to provide for them.

As a pilot, you have enormous earning potential but if you are just starting out, it is reasonable to assume you are not yet in an ideal financial position.

In most cases, you are just coming out of the military or recently graduated and staring down significant debt. A car, home, children, credit card debt, just to name a few, can cause undue stress to the family budget.

Even if you land a high-paying commercial job, you need to dig yourself out of that financial hole before you can start to put significant money into retirement accounts.

So, what options does a young pilot have to ensure financial stability to his or her family? In two simple words…life insurance. And, yes, we realize that most companies will have some sort of coverage for employees, but that coverage may not be enough to cover your current finances.

You want to make sure that your wife or husband as well as the kids are well taken care, as they are going to have enough to deal with in your passing.

How to Decide on Your Coverage Amount

In most case, broker and direct agent sites will provide some type of financial calculator that will enable you to figure out the proper amount of coverage to secure.

Keep in mind that the more coverage desired and the type of insurance will escalate the premiums.

For this reason, it is always best to consult with an agent or broker prior to securing the life insurance to put a plan together to ensure proper coverage based on your current and future needs.

While your agent will probably discuss factors, we wanted to get you started and have put together some current and future costs that may need to covered and should be considered when locking in the value of your policy:

Mortgage and Car Payments – look at your current situation to consider how far into the future these payments will be needed. Remember, today’s pound or euro will far likely be worth much less in the future, so plan accordingly.
Education – your son or daughter may be a new-born, but future educational costs should be considered when securing a policy. You may also want to consider costs of spousal education, as he or she will need to have a profession (assuming that he or she does not already have one) upon your passing.
Current Credit Card Debt – debt like this is not something you want hanging over your family, so make sure they are able to pay off this debt in full with the value of the policy.

Income – if you are the only or primary wage earner, future earnings should also be considered in the policy. This may be the only source of income your wife or husband will have in the future, so the policy value will need to reflect this
Burial Costs – this is often something that is overlooked when creating a policy, but realize burial costs are quite significant. If your employer has a policy in place, you may be able to designate that policy to cover these costs first and then decide on a secondary policy for the rest of your family’s financial needs. Otherwise, include these costs into the overall value of the policy.

Existing Conditions – These may include diabetes or asthma and might affect how a policy is structured from the start.