Exterior aircraft cleaning

Aircraft cleaningKeeping the accessories of Aircraft cleaning clean is necessary and very beneficial because Aircraft cleaning is also having extreme importance for both passengers as well as for aircrafts. In fact keep the things clean and neat is a good habit but doing it for any benefit or reason needs a good knowledge about that. There are number of reasons to keep the aircraft neat and clean. Some of which are:

  • Dirt, grit and dust can hide the cracks in skin of an aircraft
  • Dirt also reduces flying speed
  • Any dirt blown into eyes of pilot can cause accidents
  • Dirt and grease makes a sort of grinding compound which can cause excessive wear

The use of approved cleaning agents such as solvents, soaps, emulsion cleaners and synthetic detergents for aircraft cleaning are very essential. The use of agents depends on the type of material to be removed, type of cleaning i.e. internal or external and the aircraft finish as well.

Exterior cleaning:

Cleaning the aircraft from its outer surface has different methods. The type of method to be used depends on the dust, grit, soil and dirt as well as on your desired final appearance. The important and most using methods are:

  • Dry wash
  • Wet wash and
  • Polishing

Washing is important and is first line of defense for aircraft cleaning. Dry wash method is commonly used for removing airport film. It is not suitable for cleaning of oil, grease or heavy deposits of carbon. Wet wash method is used for removing grease and carbon deposits. Emulsion cleaner or Alkaline can also be used in wet wash method. 3rd method of aircraft cleaning i.e. Polishing is used for restoring the
luster of surface and for removing corrosion and oxidation.

Aircraft cleaning products:

There are special aircraft cleaning products which are used for aircraft cleaning. The products must be approved and should be specifically designed. They should ensure compliance with aviation standards and maintain the performance with cost efficiency. A range of aircraft cleaning products is used for cleaning of an aircraft. Some of them are:

  • In flight products
  • Aircraft insecticides
  • Hygiene products
  • Air fresheners and disinfectants

Aircraft on ground services:

There are lots of ground services related to aircrafts other than cleaning and washing. You have to make it sure that your financial and time sensitive parts of aircrafts on ground are placed on the very first available flight and will arrive without any delay, which is possible with the ground services on aircraft. Some other services include:

  • Collection of cargo
  • Earliest booking of departure
  • Confirmation of departure
  • Confirmation of arrival and hand over to destination airport.

Images of exterior aircraft cleaning:

For a good understanding of the cleaning process of aircrafts, images are helpful. All the images showing exterior cleaning of dust, soil, dirt, grit and other impurities which looks ugly and also can be harmful for aircrafts.

Aircraft cleaning from exterior

Exterior Cleaning

Cleaning of dust, dirt and soil


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